Example sentences containing Sporadic disease Meaning of sporadic. sporadic: [ spŏ-rad´ik ] occurring singly; widely scattered; not epidemic or endemic. en In 


Example: "Lou was sent to the haberdashery to find a new suit. He needed to wear one for his uncle's wedding." Because the sentence says that Lou would find 

U . S . intervention has been sporadic in looting incidents. click for more sentences of sporadic Examples of sporadic in a Sentence The law was indeed tightened, prohibiting the employment of illegal aliens on the valid assumption that removing the magnet of jobs is necessary to stem illegal immigration. But enforcement was sporadic at best, and has now virtually ceased. sporadic in a sentence.

Sporadic in a sentence

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2. Most of the multiple glomus tumors are sporadic but some are hereditary or congenital. 3. Suddenly , a sporadic cannonball bombed in the battle field.

In the epidemics the mortality is much higher than in the sporadic cases. Activity may be sporadic after emergence if the weather is cold.

Sporadic in a sentence 31 This labyrinthine venue is good for new bands and has sporadic club nights. 32 There was now a lull in the battle, though sporadic cannon and musket fire were still heard. 33 A short time after arriving at the hospital, the contractions slowed down and became sporadic.

But the failures were sporadic only. On the other hand, German sporadic attacks by sea and air on British watering places and the increasing activity of German submarines gave Mr. Churchill and the Admiralty much concern. sporadic in a sentence - Use "sporadic" in a sentence 1.

‘Until then, her art had been experimental, uneven, sporadic.’ ‘It all adds up to a very uneven, sporadic film experience.’ ‘This neighborhood is plagued by constant deterioration because of absentee landlords, lack of income to repair homes, few employment opportunities, crime, sporadic city services, and so on.’

5. Before that How to pronounce sporadic.

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Sporadic in a sentence

Swedish exhibits a quite productive sentence final predicative null anaphor. in primary health care · Molecular Cytogenetics in Sporadic Breast Cancer  One sentence from “The Secret of the Rosenbergs” jumps out: The Garage Sale, which has made sporadic appearances since 1973, is … The causation of the sporadic form of cretinism is, however, obscure. Under its sporadic breezes, as it turned, the ward was trying to sleep. Even in New England there was sporadic revolt from the beginning.

Under its sporadic breezes, as it turned, the ward was trying to sleep. Even in … Sporadic in a sentence.

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Translations of the phrase WAS SPORADIC from english to italian and examples of the use of "WAS SPORADIC" in a sentence with their translations: That was sporadic !

What does sporadicity mean? The quality of being sporadic.

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Sporadic used in a sentence How to use Sporadic in a sentence as an adjective It's the same wall of information with sporadic and indecipherable levels of emphasis made to look mildly palatable for another couple of years.

The final post prompt for 2018 with the Finish the Sentence writing group will be open all week for you to link  105) In Norwegian, the sentence 'I hope we can eat at eight o clock' is Jeg and an exacting reader would suggest that these are sporadic and  (iv) The passing of sentences and the car- rying out of lated and sporadic acts of violence or other acts of a similar ground for reduction of sentence. 2. (iv) The passing of sentences and the car- rying out of lated and sporadic acts of violence or other ground for reduction of sentence. 2. av PHG Hansen · 2018 — states that, regrettably, “we have only vague and sporadic information to rely on … Possibly his associates were taken to court and received a prison sentence. quite sporadic. As English is my fourth language so I cannot recognize if the sentence is Like in the following translated sentence by a Balti- speaking.